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Top tips for real Christmas trees

Here at Mansi Florist is Pinner, we love all things Christmas! For many years we have not only been creating beautiful door wreaths and Christmas flowers for local customers, but also selling the finest non-drop Christmas trees. We share our advice on how to choose your real Christmas tree, how to look after it at home and decorating tips.

Christmas at Mansi Florist

Mansi Florist stock a wide selection of non-drop real Christmas trees at our shop in Pinner Green. We offer a range of Christmas tree sizes to suit your home or office – choose from 5ft to 6ft or 6ft to 7ft height Christmas trees. Our Christmas trees are carefully sourced and sustainable – specifically grown for tree trade, and for every tree cut another 2 are planted. Prices for real Christmas trees from Mansi Florist start from just £49.95.

We know it can be a bit of a difficult fitting your shiny new Christmas tree in the car, so Mansi Florist offer FREE Christmas tree delivery to HA and WD3 postcodes. To order your non-drop Christmas tree from your local florist in Pinner, simply order online or get in touch today.

Our shop in Pinner also stocks a seasonal range of gifts and festive decorations. So if you are after some new Christmas tree ornaments or goodies for your home, drop in and have a browse!

When to buy your real Christmas Tree

We find many of our loyal customers who buy real Christmas trees every year want to put their tree up early and enjoy the wonderful pine smell throughout December. The prediction is Saturday 7th of December will be the official Bring Your Christmas Tree Home Day this year!

Choosing your real Christmas Tree

Think about where you want your Christmas tree to be displayed, and measure the space! That way when you pick out your real Christmas tree from Mansi Florist, you can check the tree is the right height, width and depth for your space at home. Don’t forget to allow some extra height for the Christmas tree stand, which may add a good few inches to the height of the tree.  

5 steps to looking after your real Christmas tree

  1. Take the tree out the netting, to allow the branches to gently settle in to place
  2. Carefully saw off an inch off the bottom of the trunk. This helps maximise the water uptake, and stops the tree wilting or drying out early. Top tip - saw it as straight as possible though so you tree isn’t wonky when you put it in the stand later!
  3. Place the tree in a bucket of water in the garage for a day or so before bringing in the house.
  4. Once inside, position the tree in the tree stand in a cool, dry space and away from strong heat like radiators.
  5. Keep the tree topped up daily with fresh water when its in the stand – they are thirsty trees and can drink two - three litres of water a day!

7 decorating tips your Christmas tree

This is the fun bit! Put on some Christmas tunes, brew some hot mulled wine, warm up a mince pie or two and enjoy decorating your new Christmas tree! Choose an accent colour for the Christmas tree decorations. You could pick festive red, icy blue, dusky pink or trendy copper for your statement tree ornaments, and then have complimenting colours for the smaller decorations.


  • How many tree lights? A good rule to follow is 100 lights for every foot of tree – or more if you want extra sparkle for your Christmas tree!
  • Put you lights on first. Starting from the top of the tree, weave and loop your way around and down the tree.
  • Gorgeous Garlands. This could be tinsel, garlands of dried fruits, beads or ribbon. Drape loosely on branches to create a scallop effect – keeping the garland evenly spread round the tree.
  • Expert bauble placement. Start hanging baubles from the inside and work out, placing larger or heavier baubles on thicker/sturdier branches.
  • Favourite ornaments. Place your favourite glass baubles and delicate decorations at eye height and higher – that way you can enjoy your treasured decorations and keep them safer from accidents.
  • The perfect topper. The cherry on top, the festive topper is the perfect finishing touch got your Christmas tree. You can choose a traditional angel or star topper, or find a stylish alternative.


When to take your Christmas tree down

Traditionally the 12th night after Christmas Day (the 6th of January) is when all decorations and Christmas tree should be taken down. Many local authorities now offer a Christmas tree collection day in early January – so it is worth checking on your local authority website for this service.

Top tips for real Christmas trees