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5 Decorating Ideas for Halloween

On Thursday 31st October up and down the UK people and businesses will be celebrating Halloween! Planning a spooky Halloween party? Hosting a ghoulish themed dinner party? Want to decorate the porch ready for trick -or - treaters? We help get you in the Halloween Mood with these Halloween decorating ideas!

Why do we celebrate Halloween?

There is much debate about why we celebrate Halloween, and where it originated from. Our favourite theories are;

In early Europe they celebrated All Hallows’ Eve on the last day of October, the night before All Saint’s Day  paying tribute to Christian Saints. Overtime this was shortened to what we know it as now – Halloween.

The idea of Halloween being scary relates back to the Celts, who would mark the end of harvest season and the beginning of winter with a festival. Their fear that cold dark winter left their people and livestock vulnerable to spirits meant they would light huge fires and make offerings to keep bad spirits away.

Easy decorating ideas for Halloween

1 - Halloween Wreaths

Not just for Christmas, a Halloween wreath is the perfect addition for your front door! A great way to set the scene for visiting guests, we can create a showstopping wreath to capture Halloween. Order a bespoke Halloween wreath and our talented florists will use seasonal flowers such as chrysanthemum, roses and orchids in burnt orange and bronze shades, combined with red berries and dramatic green foliage.

2- Pumpkin Galore  

We love the household tradition of carving the scariest face into pumpkins and leaving them on the doorstep to scare away nasty visitors. However if you want a floral twist to your pumpkin, try carving out the flesh, and use as a vase display for seasonal coloured flowers. If you are feeling really creative, use some floral foam as a base and get flower arranging to design our own unique overflowing pumpkin!

3- Candlelight Spells

Add to the Halloween atmosphere by lighting long candles in storm vases – a great way to add a spooky feel outside and in. This also looks great with the fake flame candles, for extra safety.

4- Spooky Terrariums

The hottest trend for 2019 succulents and terrariums make the perfect setting for a spooky and dead easy decoration. Simply scatter some toy spiders and add fake cobwebs to the plant or terrarium bowl for a delightfully wicked Halloween feel.

5 - Halloween Centrepiece

A great talking point at a themed dinner party, our florists can create fabulous centre pieces for your dining table. Think draping ivy, crimson red roses, dramatic dahlias, mini pumpkins and other spooky style foliage to add texture.

5 Decorating Ideas for Halloween